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Fuel Distribution: Unbranded

“Your number one source for fuel”

Unbranded Fuel - Supplied by Empire Petroleum


  • Ease of Ordering Fuel and Account Management
  • Competitive Rack and Contract Pricing
  • Transportation
  • Credit
  • Inventory Management

Available Products

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Bio Diesel Blends (B20)
  • Off road Diesel
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Become A Dealer

Empire Petroleum is one of the largest independent branded fuel suppliers in the country with a network of over 1,400 retail sites distributing over 1.2 billion gallons per year.

We partner with all major fuel suppliers. This provides Empire Petroleum with unprecedented access to fuel in hard to reach locations.

Empire Petroleum is dedicated to meeting your fueling needs. Whether you are the owner of a retail station or car dealership owner, run a trucking or shipping company, construction company or manage a government agency, fuel is one of your necessary expenses to keep your business moving forward. Empire is your turnkey partner who will negotiate the best prices for you by leveraging our vast supply network.

We don’t just deliver fuel – we partner with you to grow your business and your profits. When you partner with Empire for your bulk fuel deliveries, you will receive attentive, personal service from our expert team 24 hours a day. We have a nationwide network of common carriers that are held to strict training and performance standards.


Ease of Ordering Fuel and Account Management

  • You can order fuel and manage every aspect of your account through the Empire Petroleum state of the art web portal and mobile app.
  • The mobile app is available for both Android and Apple phone devices.

Competitive Rack and Contract Pricing

  • Multiple supply sources and pricing options are available in a large array of markets.


  • We can deliver product directly to your site.


  • Credit approval and account setup can be completed efficiently and typically within only a couple of days.
  • We have preferred credit card processing rates with multiple provider options.

Inventory Management

  • We offer “Keep Full” services, to track your consumption and help prevent you from running out of fuel.

Service Area

Over 1.2 billion gallons distributed from 160 terminals in 31 states servicing a network of over 1,600 retail locations

What Our Customers Think

Thank you for inviting me to the training class yesterday. I think the class was very beneficial! There was a lot of knowledge that I gained throughout the presentation. An idea that really got me thinking about was the "Thanks For Tanks." It's a great idea! Another advantage throughout the presentation was how to calculate specific costs. I would recommend this presentation for business owners all over, who have set goals for their business.Reyan Khanji, Owner of Midwest Fuels
Good afternoon, thank you for having me at the dealer meeting. The loss prevention training class was very beneficial to me. I learned a lot from it, plus I think everyone who is getting into this business must take this course. I would love to take more classes like that. It helps us run our businesses more efficiently.Moussa Bazzi, Jefferson Express, PC 5590
..Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Empire Petroleum PVP educational class in Charlotte, NC. It was a great presentation and very informative. It provided a tremendous amount of information that I was able to bring back with me and utilize in my daily operations here at the store. The food provided at lunch was also totally awesome. Great experience overall! I look forward to attending the next class.Brenda, Battleground, PC 5041
The Empire Preferred Vendor Program is a real asset to our business. When I was notified AmeriGas was added to the program I was excited about the significant savings we would receive. The difference in price per tank is $3.70 and that is an awesome savings! We are very happy with the PVP program.Gini Winstead, DownEast Travel Center