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    Will you lose your Business to Chargebacks?
    In April of 2021, the Oil Companies are shifting
    the chargeback liability to YOU – not the Credit card companies.
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    EMV Compliance Facts
    The deadline to have your dispensers EMV compliant by Oct. 2020 will not be extended!
    EMV essentially eliminates chargebacks due to fraud.
    The oil companies have no reason to postpone the compliance date past Oct. 2020

What We Do


Dealer Training

Empire is committed to providing access to training for our dealers to ensure your success. Browse through the training courses available to learn more.

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Operate Fast Market Convenience Stores

We strive to provide our customers the products and services they want each day with fast and friendly service.

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Preferred Vendor Program

From the fuel dispensers to soda fountains, Empire Petroleum helps you build your business. You can increase your sales, cut your losses, and manage your inventory better thanks to our Preferred Vendor Program.

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Property Sales & Leasing

The opportunity to buy or lease property from Empire Petroleum is an outstanding business arrangement that is designed to provide the future owner or lessee with a wide variety of benefits.

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Equipment Sales & Installation

Empire has formed strong relationships with our suppliers enabling Empire Petroleum to purchase and install high-quality equipment at discounted prices for our dealers.

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Credit Card Services

Capitalize on the convenience and cost savings created by credit card processing systems offered by Empire Petroleum. Empire has developed a strategic partnership with a national credit card processing company to provide significant savings to our customers.

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Press Releases

What Our Customers Think

My name is Eddie and I was the first location to receive the Sani-Grabbers at the pump from Empire Petroleum. Immediately this made a huge difference in my business and the comments from my community were all positive and everyone very thankful to me and to Empire Petroleum for sourcing this support/value program. I have made the news and everyone coming from all over this area to pump gas SAFELY with me. Eddie, Wixom, Michigan
Thank you for inviting me to the training class yesterday. I think the class was very beneficial! There was a lot of knowledge that I gained throughout the presentation. An idea that really got me thinking about was the "Thanks For Tanks." It's a great idea! Another advantage throughout the presentation was how to calculate specific costs. I would recommend this presentation for business owners all over, who have set goals for their business.Reyan Khanji, Owner of Midwest Fuels
Good afternoon, thank you for having me at the dealer meeting. The loss prevention training class was very beneficial to me. I learned a lot from it, plus I think everyone who is getting into this business must take this course. I would love to take more classes like that. It helps us run our businesses more efficiently.Moussa Bazzi, Jefferson Express, PC 5590
..Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Empire Petroleum PVP educational class in Charlotte, NC. It was a great presentation and very informative. It provided a tremendous amount of information that I was able to bring back with me and utilize in my daily operations here at the store. The food provided at lunch was also totally awesome. Great experience overall! I look forward to attending the next class.Brenda, Battleground, PC 5041
The Empire Preferred Vendor Program is a real asset to our business. When I was notified Pinnacle Propane was added to the program I was excited about the significant savings we would receive. The difference in price per tank is $3.70 and that is an awesome savings! We are very happy with the PVP program.Gini Winstead, DownEast Travel Center

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