Amazon Locker

Drive foot traffic to YOUR location!!  NO COST whatsoever!!  Submit your address today to check availability!!

  • Amazon  Lockers start at 6’ and can increase by 3’ segments. We have a 30’ Locker installed in NYC and have some larger ones in Europe as well. For a 6’ unit, there are 42 slots and every additional 3’ adds 23 slots.
  • Lockers can go both inside and outside and will bring traffic to the site from our extensive studies.
  • Pick-up and drop off is completely automated and problems can be handled remotely as well. Store Personnel not involved whatsoever.
  • Amazon pays for the entire install and we hold the site harmless for damage/vandalism/theft.
  • Correct, the mail carriers and customers interact directly with the unit and do not need assistance from store personnel Ted.